Japan’s 1st CoderDojo Conference: DojoCon Japan

CoderDojo in Japan started in Tokyo in 2012. This was the beginning of the CoderDojo movement in the country. Today there are currently 44 registered Dojos in Japan.

CoderDojo in Nishinomiya, Osaka:

There are many interesting activities planned for kids and mentors in CoderDojo sessions.

Learning opportunities await!
Kids learn Scratch, Arduino, electronics, gadgets and toys, and how to express themselves,
make presentations and speak in public that can help them in the future.

With many interesting activities and learning opportunities for young people, the number of children participating in a Dojo are increasing. We believe that CoderDojo should be recognised more widely in Japan so that more children around Japan can have access to free, creative coding classes.


We’re excited to announce the first Nationwide CoderDojo Conference in Japan

DojoCon Japan 2016

on August 27, 2016 (10:30am – 16:30 pm)

DojoCon Japan 2016


What is DojoCon Japan?

DojoCon Japan is the Japanese regional conference for CoderDojo community members. 16 speakers will give their insight at DojoCon Japan, including Ross O’Neill of the CoderDojo Foundation, who will travel from Ireland to attend.

Where is it?
Canvas, Osaka

Who Should Register?
DojoCon Japan 2016 is for current and new kids who are interested to join, potential champions, parents, mentors and Ninjas. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Are there any ticket costs?
This event is absolutely free.

Who is Organizing?
DojoCon Japan 2016 organizing team, champions and mentors.

DojoCon Japan 2016 aims to encourage more kids and
new mentors to join, grow local communities and spread
CoderDojo movement across Japan.
See you soon!

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