CEO Mary Moloney Moving On

The only constant in life is change and without change there’d be no butterflies!


Dear CoderDojo Community & Supporters,

Just over 2 years ago, I started working with the CoderDojo Foundation team, to support the remarkable, incredibly special and kind CoderDojo community. It’s been an amazing experience and a joy working with all of you.

The movement has accomplished an incredible amount during this time; growing to more than 1,090 Dojos across 63 countries, reaching thousands of new kids, establishing some core infrastructure to support a global connected community and becoming recognised as a global leader in delivering the vision of empowering and enabling young people by helping them to develop critical technology and interpersonal skills.


Meeting many of our Ninjas from around the world at their Dojos, at events and conferences which they attend and at CoderDojo Coolest Projects, it’s clear the positive impact that CoderDojo is having on their young lives and how all of the volunteers are helping to equip them to be successful now and in their promising futures.

The Foundation team has also itself developed over the last couple of years and is now a well established team of passionate, capable, skilled people who are focused on supporting the movement as it continues to grow and to develop.

The team continues to have the ongoing support of the amazing CoderDojo founders, James and Bill, who with the rest of the board donate their personal time, energy and resources on a voluntary basis to support the movement. CoderDojo and I have been lucky to have had the support, input and direction from this incredibly smart, kind and generous group, made up of Bill, James, Sean, Noel, Una, Cyril & Kelly. Working with them has been one of the highlights of my last 2 years and it’ll be an honour to join them as a board member as I now consider each of them a trusted advisor and friend.

I will continue to be part of the CoderDojo movement as a board member of the Foundation, as a Dojo volunteer and as a mother of 2 Ninjas! But from next month, I will no longer be the CEO of the CoderDojo Foundation team. I have been presented with an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and will start to work with Teneo Holdings, a global advisory firm that works with the Senior teams at many of the world’s largest companies and organisations from August 15th. While a little sad that less of my time with be spent with CoderDojo, I’m also excited to be joining the Teneo team while remaining part of this fantastic community.   

I have had the pleasure to work directly with Giustina Mizzoni on a daily basis for the last 2 years. She has not only impressed me, but has also inspired me and very quickly became both a respected colleague and a dear friend. Her commitment to CoderDojo is absolute and has been ongoing since she joined the CoderDojo Foundation team as its first employee almost 4 years ago.

I am delighted that the CoderDojo Foundation Board of Directors ratified Giustina Mizzoni as an Executive Director of the CoderDojo Foundation.

Giustina has been at the core of CoderDojo and embodies the philosophy & ethos of the movement, which she’s consistently demonstrated through not just her day job with the Foundation but also through Championing the Docklands Dojo, being heavily involved in the running of the annual CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards and joining inaugural board of the CoderDojo Coolest Projects entity, where she serves as a Non-Executive Director.

I have transitioned my day to day responsibilities to Giustina and she is now the primary contact point of the CoderDojo Foundation team.

In parallel, to continue to develop the CoderDojo Foundation, to best support the movement and to help to further grow the movement, the CoderDojo Foundation board of Directors will imminently start the recruitment process for a new CEO, the location of which will depend on where the individual can have most impact for the global and growing movement.

If you are interested in this please review the job application which will be published shortly or contact Giustina if you would like to apply for this position or would like to nominate someone.

It has been an honour and a privilege working with you and I look forward to continuing to be part of the community as it grows and further develops. I appreciate all of the kindnesses, support, friendship and coolness that you’ve shared with me over the last 2 years,


foundation-no-text Giustina, Executive Director with the Foundation Team

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