CoderDojo E-Learning Modules

As the CoderDojo movement becomes more global, and exemplar Dojos become harder to visit to learn by direct example, we want to offer volunteers, both old and new, an engaging and accessible way to learn best practices and methods for running their Dojos…

Introducing the first ever CoderDojo E-learning modules!


E-learning courses make up a component of our newly defined strategy (coming soon!) in which we identified the need to have more ‘Train the trainer’ content. E-Learning courses meet this need while providing several advantages over other alternative means of presenting the information. They are, relatively easy to translate; interactive and engaging; can be assessed and ensure understanding.

This summer we are undertaking the first two E-Learning modules as a pilot for the overall initiative. In September we will be launching an E-Learning Portal, which will be fully integrated with Zen, and initially releasing two modules for use by all current and new volunteers. These two modules are aimed at training the trainer,  ‘The CoderDojo Ethos; Practice and Implementation.’ and ‘Mentoring at CoderDojo’.

We are currently drafting the storyboards for these modules and we’d like to hear your ideas on our forums. We will also be seeking feedback on the first drafts of the modules in July so please ensure you follow along with our conversations on the forums.

This project would not be possible without our partners, Learn Upon, [email protected] and Designed for Learning.

  • LearnUpon, an Irish owned cloud based learning management system (LMS), have donated their online learning platform for our eLearning project. We’ll be using their LMS to roll out online courses to Dojo mentors. Launched in 2012, their founding team has over 25 years experience in the eLearning industry. We chose their LMS as it’s quick to setup, super easy to use, backed by exceptional customer support, and is loved and trusted by hundreds of organisations worldwide.
  • Lions Africa have funded the development of Content and overall project management through their Afri CoderDojo initiative and
  • Designed for Learning, our content designers have given us a non profit discount.

E-learning systems enable us to monitor a learner’s’ experiences, enabling us to identify engagement, subject matter retention, and opportunities to improve the content in future iterations.  This is the first E-Learning content that we have created and we’re really excited to bring our volunteers more interactive content like this in future!

Be sure to follow along to give us feedback as we progress. If successful we’ve lots of ideas for future modules. What would you like to see?

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