1000 Dojos and growing!

1000 Dojos

The CoderDojo Foundation are delighted to announce that we have reached over 1000 verified dojos globally in 63 countries!

The robust global community of CoderDojo is entering its 5th year this July and 1000 Dojos in 63 countries is a testament to the hard work the community has put in thus far.

CoderDojo is unique. It enables and empowers young people to truly develop their skills as creators and inventors of technology through supporting a child led, exploratory learning environment. We had four Dojos that were verified on the same day, and within the same hour, so we couldn’t choose which was the true 1,000th Dojo! We feel that these four registered Dojos from different countries and continents truly represents how global the CoderDojo community really is!

  • Kinshasa @ LLab is located in largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, founded and championed by Filip Kabeya a web and app designer. This dojo is hosted in ‘The LLab’  a shared space for innovation, which evolves an Innovative Community of people who reflect together on solutions that improve our daily lives. This place is dedicated to the co-creation making it a perfect location for a Dojo.
  • Hirakata, Osaka within a city in northeastern Osaka Prefecture, Japan, founded and championed by a current CoderDojo volunteer Ippei Sumida is currently in planning, gathering his team and promoting his Dojo. One of 36 Dojos now currently operating across the nation of Japan.
  • Sunshine Coast @ Maroochydore is located in Sunshine which is north of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia. Hosted in the Spark Bureau a not-for-profit co-working space, community of thinkers, builders, movers, shakers, doers and believers. All words we associate with other dojos all around the world.
  • TX, Frisco @ Call-Em-All is located in Frisco, an affluent city located in Collin and Denton counties in Texas, USA. Call-Em-All is a SaaS company who has an aim to serve their local community and so several of their software developers wish to donate their time and knowledge to children interested in this program.

The CoderDojo movement has always been focused on giving young people the opportunity to understand the magic behind the technology that surrounds us. Dojos continue to give young people between the ages of 7 and 17 the opportunity to learn how to develop computer code, websites, apps, programs, games, and digital media and to explore technology in the widest sense.  In addition to technology skills, all participants, both young people and the adults that accompany them, enjoy the opportunity of being involved in a highly social community and experience a fun, collaborative and high energy learning environment.  

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