Dojo Tour; The CoderDojo Foundation on the road

Rosa is the CoderDojo Foundation Reporting Lead and a mentor at Docklands Dojo. Currently living in Dublin, Rosa is leaving the green shores of Ireland in favour of a life on the road for 12 months. Find out more below.

Since joining the CoderDojo Foundation in 2014, something that always appealed to me was the global nature of the CoderDojo movement. The core ethos of CoderDojo as a free and open initiative has travelled from Cork, Ireland right across the globe through the power of dedicated and passionate volunteers. I am lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting and working with CoderDojo kids and volunteers from the US, India and from all over Europe. Each volunteer is equally passionate about inspiring the future generation of makers, creatives and entrepreneurs and each young person continues to impress me with their creativity, ideas and technical capabilities.

From May 30th  2016, I am delighted to say I will be working remotely from locations around Europe, Asia and South America for one year.  I will be continuing to work in my current role, which involves reporting on CoderDojo’s global impact, helping to improve Zen and looking after the Foundation’s finances. I will also be hoping to meet many more volunteers and young people who are the driving force behind CoderDojo!

I will be spending one month in each city on my itinerary so if you are running a Dojo near any of the locations where I will be based reach out to [email protected]  If your city has multiple Dojos I could help to host a mentor meetup to involve as many volunteers as possible and help build networks between Dojos!

Alternatively if you want to set up a Dojo in any of these locations and need any help to get started please just let me know.


June – Valencia, Spain

July –  Lisbon, Portugal

August – Rabat, Morocco

September – Sofia, Bulgaria

October – Belgrade, Serbia

November – Hanoi, Vietnam

December- Phnom Penh, Cambodia

January – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

February – Lima, Peru

March – Córdoba, Argentina

April – Buenos Aires, Argentina

May – Santiago, Chile

Over the course of my trip I’ll be regularly blogging about my experiences at Dojos around the world so make sure you keep following along with #DojoTour on twitter! 


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