Why Verify Your Dojo?

The CoderDojo Community Platform (2)

In the past few months we have been encouraging all prospective Dojos and Champions to verify their Dojo on the Zen CoderDojo Community Platform. Dojos that are fully registered and verified are able to gain access to a variety of awesome opportunities and benefits that the CoderDojo Foundation offer, such as travel bursaries for attending specific events, free hardware giveaways and more.

Zen is an entirely open sourced community platform built with a number of features that were specifically designed by and for Dojos to support, grow and interact with their members.

There are a number of reasons verification is hugely beneficial to a Dojo including:

1. Region and Dojo Specific Support

When a Dojo is verified and using the features such as ticketing/forums this gives the CoderDojo Foundation a great deal of insight to the needs, situations, strengths and weaknesses in each country so we can support them more effectively. More notably we can support and engage all members of a Dojo, including mentors, parents and young people and not just a Dojo Champions (founders).


The Community Platform is currently available in 20 languages. We are continuing to expand the number of languages the platform is available in through our crowdin project which anyone can contribute to if they are skilled in languages.

2. Global Connectivity

Verifying your Dojo allows volunteers and Ninjas to connect with the entire CoderDojo community globally. Utilising the Zen Forums is a great way to start a discussion and receive responses from CoderDojo Champions and Mentors from all around the world. Ninjas can also connect with one another in our monitored ‘Ninja Forums’ where they can share projects and get help from background checked expert mentors from around the world!

All Dojos that are verified with the CoderDojo Foundation are displayed publicly on the Zen platform. 

3. Best Practice

Verification of a Dojo allows them to easily be recognised for best practice. Dojos verified on Zen are set up in line with the CoderDojo ethos. It encourages and helps Dojo organisers to upkeep Dojo practices easily such as maintaining attendance lists.

Digital Badges (1)

4. Most importantly…for the Ninjas!

Dojos who fully verify will be able to interact positively with their Ninjas.

Verified Dojos can make use of CoderDojo badges which helps encourage a child and act as an reward within a Dojo!

Like every feature on Zen this is a free mechanism to all verified dojos to allow a Dojo attendee to build up profile, a record of attendance, achieve badges and awards in particular interests that the child has. The youths profile can ultimately be used as proof of their earned skillset in the future and act as their digital portfolio.

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