CoderDojo MEP Ambassador Meeting

IMG_7679 (1)On the 27th of April we traveled to Brussels to meet with the CoderDojo MEP Ambassador in the EPP building in Brussels. This was the second ambassador meeting and was hosted by Sean Kelly MEP. Attendees on the day were representatives from Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Malta, Czech Republic and Slovenia!

For this meeting Giustina and Pete from the CoderDojo Foundation gave a quick update on the current size of the Global CoderDojo community and also provided some info on the different groups that can be approached to help start a Dojo in their regions some of these are:

Tech Companies / Start-up Hubs
Educational institutes
Youth Centres

You can view Pete’s slides below:

[gview file=””]

Ada, assistant to Antanas Guoga MEP also gave an update on their progress with Coderdojo in Lithuania. Since the last meeting there has been 9 new Dojos opened up in Libraries across lithuania!

Thank you to all those that made the meeting and we look forward to the next one.

If you have any queries about starting a Dojo in the EU please feel free to contact Pete directly:

[email protected]

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