CoderDojo Turkey and Romania Coding Camp 2016!

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Turkey and Romania Coding Camp 2016!

CoderDojo Türkiye hosted a 5 day Coding Camp / Hackathon for Turkish and Romanian kids between 1st – 5th February, 2016. Pete, our Community Lead for EMEA, traveled to Istanbul to meetNeşen Yücel, Gülbahar Coşkun and Patrick Bosteels of CoderDojo Turkey and Radu Ticiu of CoderDojo Romania! The Coding Camp took place in Istanbul, at Başakşehir Living Lab where 10 kids and 3 mentors from Romania were hosted for 5 days for a coding camp!
At the coding camp CoderDojo ninjas from Turkey and Romania worked together for a week in 5 mixed teams to create websites and games addressing social issues! After the 5 day coding camp the teams presented their projects to the rest of the group. This coding camp was arranged by the Champions and mentors from CoderDojo Turkey and Romania and their awesome group of mentors below!


CoderDojo Turkey and Romania teams morning planning session.


Neşen Yücel and Patrick Bosteels from Coderdojo Turkey welcome the group and thank everyone for being involved during the week!


“This is our project and this what we learnt from working together the last week as a team.”


At the end of the day everyone was awarded an official coding camp certificate! Pretty cool!

This was a really inspiring event to witness, the ninjas overcame language barriers and worked together to create awesome games and websites to address social issues. They also worked together to present their projects at the end of the week to their peers! This is what CoderDojo is all about!


Thank you CoderDojo Turkey and Romania! 

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