Content Plan for Spring & Summer 2016

kata_content_planAs you may know, I recently joined the CoderDojo Foundation team. I’ve been reviewing the needs of the community in terms of content production and delivery. I’ve identified three areas I’ll be delivering improvements to:

Tools & Systems

My goal here is to provide tools and systems for creating, discovering, using and sharing content that make life as easy as possible for Mentors, Champions and of, course, Ninjas. This means:

  • Content creation is easy
  • Collaboration is at the core of our system
  • Finding the right content is simple
  • Structure you can take or leave
  • Localisation built in

Content Production

While improving how we produce content is important, it’s also vital that we continue to actually deliver high quality content to the community! I’ll be providing content in two categories here:

  • Content for Organisers
  • Educational Content (aka Sushi Cards)

Process & Engagement

I’ll be developing all the tools & system improvements in the open, with the alpha and beta versions going up on GitHub and going live for testing by the community as soon as I get something that works end-to-end.

With regard to more regular engagement around content development and release: I’ll be working on a process for rolling out new content through “rings of release” that should both ensure quality and provide a community seal of approval on the material.

  • Pre-release Content Review panels of community members
  • Content beta tester Dojos
    If you’d be interested in volunteering your Dojo to be a Beta Dojo please fill out this form.
  • General release to the community

I’ll be putting out more blog posts in the next few days and weeks delivering a deeper dive on each of the areas, so send me questions in the comments, on Twitter or by email. I’ll get you answers, and I’ll make sure the popular ones get answered in the upcoming blog posts.

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