Digital Badges Are Here!!


Digital badges are so important to the CoderDojo community – they are becoming a popular way to acknowledge and represent digital skills achieved by attendees at Dojos. Traditionally dojos have been using USB’s to award children in dojos but digital badges are a great free way to award a child for their work. They are almost like a digital Scouts badge which are awarded once someone reaches a certain level or learns a particular skill. We believe that creativity must be rewarded! Multiple achievements can be recorded on a single badge and can be displayed anywhere on the web. You can share them for many different reasons such as employment or education. They are a great method of validating digital skills which aren’t always very visible.

CoderDojo are using open badges as a way to give recognition to attendees of Dojos who have achieved great things. We want them to become more regularly used so as to create a system of appreciation for Ninjas which they can display proudly and continue to add to the more they learn.

We have been working hard to create new badges for everyone involved in our community. Don’t forget that ninjas, mentors and champions can all be awarded badges!

Award Badges Here

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