Apply for a Travel Bursary for Coolest Projects 2016

We’re now accepting applications for those seeking to receive a bursary for travelling to Coolest Projects 2016!

The 2016 CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards will be held on the 18th June in the RDS Arena, Dublin. Our goal is to have 100 projects from  outside of Ireland showcased at the 2016 Coolest Projects Awards!

The average bursaries (€) for each country is as follows;

Belgium – €125 per person

France – €125 per person

Germany – €125 per person

Greece – €150 per person

Italy – €150 per person

Netherlands – €150 per person

Poland – €150 per person

Portugal – €150 per person

Romania – €200 per person

Spain – €150 per person

Sweden – €150 per person

Turkey – €200 per person

UK – €80 per person

Bursaries are intended for youth who wish to enter the Coolest Projects awards, but otherwise would not be able to afford the travel costs. You can apply for a bursary even if you do not reside in these locations and bursaries will be examined on a case by case basis depending on location. Please note that these are average bursaries per country and bursaries may fluctuate depending on the city you are travelling from.

As we want as many projects entered and Ninjas to attend as possible, preference will be given to parents/guardians/mentors who can travel with more than one Ninja (eg a parent bring two children who are both presenting, or a parent who can bring a child & their friend who are both demoing projects at the awards or a mentor/champion bringing several Ninjas entering projects). Siblings and additional family members can attend, but bursaries will only be provided to ninjas participating and a single guardian.

We would advise that the Dojo picks one representative to fill out the form on behalf of their whole Dojo to ensure that Ninjas are picked in a fair manner to represent their Dojo. If you are filling out the form as a representative of a whole region or multiple Dojos, please highlight this in your application and include which Dojos the application is on behalf of.

Only parents/guardians/mentors/Champions should complete the bursary form and should only  apply once  for the same ninjas.

Apply for the International Attendee Bursary Here (CLOSED)

Closing date for applications for the bursary is 00:00 Midnight (GMT) 20th March and remember if you do not receive the bursary you can still attend the awards through funding your own journey or by securing local sponsorship for members of your Dojo to travel. 

Register your project for Coolest Projects Here

Criteria for selecting bursary winners for Coolest Projects

  • Each member of the applicant’s party must be registered on Zen, the CoderDojo Community Platform. You can learn how to do this here.
  • Each of the applicant’s party must be a member of a verified and active Dojo on Zen.
  • Preference will be given to Dojos and its members who regularly use the Zen Events and Badging system as this will allow us to ensure that Ninjas that you wish to bring are members and regular attendees of the Dojo.
  • Allocations will be made on a country by country basis. Each region  will be  given a set of spaces to be filled which will be based on the number of Dojos in each country.
  • Gender balance of attendees will be considered as Coolest Projects is seeking to have at least 35% of projects demoed to be created by girls.
  • Project categories will be considered in order to have an array of international projects across every category.
  • Groups and individual projects will be considered in order to have a mix of international projects showcased.
  • The involvement and contribution of the Dojo in the CoderDojo community. e.g. Mentors who have contributed to Zen, CoderDojo Community Committee Members, Volunteering and organising events such as Coolest Projects/Dojocon or Regional Events in their own area will be considered when awarding bursaries.
  • The ratio of adults to young people will be considered as we want to ensure that as many young people as possible get the chance to experience Coolest Projects!

Note: All guardians travelling with children will be responsible for their well being and safety for the duration of the trip. Any adult travelling with a child that is not their own should gain written consent from their parent(s). The CoderDojo Foundation does not accept liability for any children or their guardians travelling to the Coolest Projects awards.


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