CoderDojo Ireland – 28th of January Minutes

CoderDojo Ireland

28th of January Minutes

Meeting Details

Date> Thursday 28th of January 2016

Time> 20:00 – 21:00 GMT


CoderDojo Foundation Members on the Call:

Giustina Mizzoni – Head of Development

Ross O’Neill – Community & Communication Lead

Rosa Langhammer – Reporting Lead


Meeting Minutes


CoderDojo Community Members on the Call:

Seamus Fleming Tralee Dojo
Sandra Mcguire Dun Laoghaire Dojo
David Graham QuarryVale Dojo
Elena Massan Carrick On Shannon Dojo
Barry Kennedy Limerick Dojo


Sandra:  Acknowledges that CoderDojo Ireland will have the same initiatives as the CoderDojo Foundation however questions the personal protection and/or an insurance in place for any liability for any individuals.


Giustina: That the board once set up would take out directors liability insurance – at this moment in time the CoderDojo Foundation do not have a quote to reference. An explanation of how the CoderDojo Foundation is set up as a company limited by guarantee without shareholders with charitable status which protects the members of the body but an additional directors liability insurance can be taken out.


Sandra DL: Is CoderDojo Ireland going to be the same as the CoderDojo Foundation but on a smaller national level?


Giustina: CoderDojo Ireland would be solely focused on the success of CoderDojo in Ireland. They would work closely with the CoderDojo Foundation to ensure this. Uses CoderDojo Belgium as an example of a regional body that has been set up under a structured ethos. Also CoderDojo UK is used an example as a body currently undergoing the process of regionalisation to create partnerships as a UK based charity.


Seamus: Is there going to be a requirement of monetary contribution from individual dojos to set up the regional body?


Rosa: It is emphasised that it would be up to the board of the regional body on how they would want to proceed with that and wouldn’t be a CoderDojo Foundation decision. However it would not be a recommendation of the CoderDojo Foundation to do this, as most dojos do not have an operating budget or any financial standing. It is emphasised that it would be a CoderDojo Ireland board members decision and also that no regional body currently established has this as a prerequisite.


Seamus: Are sufficient funds available for liability insurance and set up costs?


Giustina: Notes to the community members on the call that the CoderDojo Foundation does not have a budget in place for the establishment of regional bodies such as CoderDojo Ireland. It is noted that the CoderDojo Foundation is actively seeking partnerships in supporting CoderDojo Ireland. Two grant rounds have been identified and applications will be submitted on behalf of CoderDojo Ireland.


Seamus: Do we have a high level time-frame on when we think that CoderDojo Ireland will be set up?


Giustina: The deadline for a charity body to register with the regulator is noted which is the 16th of April. Giustina explains that the regulator has said to the Foundation that if we submit a “letter of intent” with a plan that the regulator will extend this deadline at their discretion. It is noted however that it would need be in operation by the end of 2016 in terms of a timeline. The intention is to have prospective board members come forward in the next 4-6 weeks. To be incorporated by summer time is a reasonable expectation by the CoderDojo Foundation.


Sandra: How long does the CoderDojo Foundation expect the chairman of the board to be held for?


Giustina: The CoderDojo Foundation board is used an example. It is however at the discretion of the CoderDojo Ireland board, however we recommend that all members are elected on an initial one year terms, followed by reflection of a two year term.  


Sandra:  How many board members will CoderDojo Ireland have and will each board member have specific roles?


Giustina: No less that 5 members and no more than 10 due to possible dominant members. It is recommended that the roles would be diverse i.e member from the charity sector, tech sector, financial sector etc.


Seamus: Concerned over the practicality of geographic location of board members as he is based in Kerry. Would it be a requirement to be based centrally?


Rosa: One of the requirements that the CoderDojo Foundation has for the initial board is to have a geographical spread as a Dublin centric board wouldn’t truly represent all the dojos in Ireland. Remote calls are a recommendation for the geographically challenged which can be facilitated.


Giustina: A suggestion is that the CoderDojo Ireland board sits 4-5 times a year and that a rotating location could be a solution. That would be the decision of the board at their discretion and at their convenience.


Seamus: If a local dojo was setting up a local bank account in their local branch would the new CoderDojo Ireland charity reg number be required.


Rosa: It is ok for a dojo to have their own bank account but don’t necessarily need the CHY number to set up but most banks need a constitution. Speak to your local branch. What is important to know is that when dojos have their own individual bank accounts however they will be required to report to CoderDojo Ireland to create transparency. CoderDojo Ireland will consolidate those accounts annually and report to the charity regulator and revenue and appropriate bodies. It is emphasised that an individual dojo would have control of their own funds in their own dojo bank account.


Elena (Carrick on Shannon): Is anything going to change in relation to child protection/garda vetting and the current reporting structure?


Rosa: It would be up to the board to decide what under their remit they wish to take on. It is noted that the CoderDojo Foundation currently facilitates of Child Protection/Garda Vetting but it is the intention of the foundation to discuss this with the new board in the future as the mechanisms are set up so if CoderDojo Ireland take over these operations it would be a very straightforward and easy transition and from a dojo prospective nothing would change. It is noted that this is something that would be discussed once CoderDojo Ireland is set up.


David Graham (Quarryvale) Joins the Call after this question


David Graham: Is concerned of the amount of administration required to set up the body as he has experience in the past in regards to this.


Rosa: Due to the new changes in the regulation – each dojo would be required to register and this is why it is proposed that one entity is created and registered with the regulator rather than multiple dojos as this would be extensive admin on an individual dojo. An umbrella organisation where all dojos are a member of it. It is noted that the board would be taking up the admin responsibility.


David Graham: Ask would it be easier to access support from local agencies e.g grants if an umbrella organisation was set up?


Giustina: Notes that it is usually easier to get local funding for a local initiative from local authorities under a registered body e.g community grants. It is noted that the CoderDojo Foundation never approaches these type of local grant rounds as our remit is to support global network and the chance of support would be very low.

Action Points:

CoderDojo Foundation to get Insurance Quote for board members

Details of Nominations and Terms of Reference to be sent to Irish Community


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