Win Kano computer kits for your Dojo!

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Win Kano computer kits for your Dojo!

***Application now closed***

We are processing all the applications and will be in touch soon with more info!

We’re working with the awesome folks at Kano to bring Kano kits to the CoderDojo community! To do this we are running a competition for Dojos to enter to win a set of  Kanos for use at their sessions! This opportunity is open to ALL verified CoderDojos globally that are registered on Zen!
These kits are being provided for Dojos as a resource to use for their sessions and should be kept by the Dojo for use on a regular basis to give as many youth attendees the opportunity to learn more about Raspberry Pi and computing. This is a great opportunity for young people at your Dojo to learn more about the hardware side of things!

Application is closed!

Please note: This competition is for CoderDojo champions / mentors to apply on behalf of their Dojo. All applicants MUST be either a champion / mentor of the Dojo to be eligible to apply and win. Entering does not guarantee that your Dojo will be selected. The competition closes on the 10th of Feb 2016 at 24:00 midnight (GMT) due to a huge amount of interest from Dojos. Please read all rules carefully before applying:– Applications must be made on behalf of a Dojo and not an individual.
– Each Dojo can only apply once.
– All CoderDojos who apply have to be verified and registered on Zen, the CoderDojo Community Platform.
– This opportunity is open to all Dojos meeting the criteria above (verified & registered on Zen).
– The Kano Kits will be shipped in batches of 4. (we update this number to 4 which give kits to as many Dojos as possible)
– The competition closes on the 15th of Feb 2016 at 24:00 midnight (GMT).Please make sure ALL details are filled in correctly, if they are incorrect your application will not be accepted.

Any Questions please contact the CoderDojo Foundation direct: [email protected]

About Kano

The Kano kit “includes everything required to build a computer short of a screen, including a Raspberry Pi, a case, wireless keyboard with trackpad, cables, Wi-Fi dongle, and even a speaker.” Their simple instructional guide shows the user how to build the computer by connecting parts together in a manner “a bit like lego! These kits are great tools for any Dojo!

Cool Resources that you can use with these kits:

CoderDojo Sushi Cards for Raspberry Pi
We have released the Beginner Raspberry Pi Sushi Cards for the global CoderDojo community! This set will teach you all about the Raspberry Pi, its Linux OS, using the GPIO and Sonic Pi!
Get them here.
Kano Pixel Hack
Start your adventure by drawing retro games including Pong and Tetris, and move on to master drawing 8-bit art with code, to create your own Minecraft characters, diamond blocks, and more! Their are plenty of resources available from the Pixel Hack page for mentors, chock-full of suggestions for running your sessions.
See more here.

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