CoderDojo Heroes: Michael Doherty – CoderDojo @Warehouse Dublin

Micheal Dogherty

CoderDojo Heroes: Michael Doherty – CoderDojo @Warehouse Dublin

What Dojo are you from?
Dublin @ The Warehouse
When and How did you get involved in CoderDojo?
During Summer 2012, my daughter Rachel asked me to bring my eldest grandchild Patrick,who was then eleven years of age, to CoderDojo. Since I had to stay with Patrick in any case, and since I was a retired IT professional, I agreed  to help out by becoming a mentor. I found it challenging and rewarding.  I now bring along as well, Patrick’s eight-year-old brother Diarmid, and Paula, a fourteen year old Spanish girl who is staying with them for a few months.
What languages do you teach at your Dojo?
Scratch and HTML.
Describe what CoderDojo means to you in 3 words.
Children enjoying programming.
What is one of your favourite things about CoderDojo?
Seeing the joy and satisfaction that children get from programming. It is also a very rewarding experience, if somewhat daunting. At the age of 75, it is fulfilling to be teaching programming to such a young group. Most of the other mentors are much younger.
How would you encourage someone to set up their own Dojo?
Get them to come to a Coderdojo session and see a room full of children, aged from seven to sixteen, happily immersed  in programming and interacting with their peers for 3 hours. The atmosphere is very lively and the children get really excited about what they are doing. It is a truly heart- warming experience.
What advice would you give to all the young coders out there?
Write programs. You will really enjoy it and you will have learned a valuable skill which you can use all your life. It also teaches teamwork and the value of discussing problems with others.
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