CoderDojo Douala Event – Launch of Raspberry Pi by Danielle Akini


On Sunday 1st November we had a CoderDojo Douala event with the theme Launch Rapsberry Pi. Led by Samuel, the event had the following content:

  • Presentation of Raspberry Pi
  • Presentation of the various components of the Raspberry Pi
  • Carious demonstrations of the functions of the Raspberry Pi and a project based on: Putting on the LED bulb and security system of a computerised door lock (using a password)

douala 3

There were 15 kids and 3 mentors present. Our objective was to present to them the Raspberry Pi and things they can do with is using the Python programming language.

The feedback we received from the kids were mostly positive, “We lvoe technology and robots,” they said.

Douala 4



Thank you very much to CoderDojo Douala and Danielle for sharing your story and your pictures! If you have any stories you would like to share from your Dojo please email [email protected]

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