Thank You to the CoderDojo Community Platform Creators & Supporters

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About Zen, the open source community platform

The CoderDojo Foundation recently relaunched Zen as a new open source community platform! The new system allows CoderDojo community members (Mentors and Champions) to fully manage their Dojo activities like  issuing tickets to individual Dojo events, posting in forums, editing and setting up profiles etc. The platform was built by NearForm along with the CoderDojo Foundation. The system is completely open source and we want to say a huge thank you to all the organisations who have provided their services for free, which have been integrated into Zen. This new system was built by Nearform in collaboration with the CoderDojo Foundation with the support of the organisations listed below:

Thank you all on behalf of the Global CoderDojo movement! We look forward to seeing Zen grow in the future!

Want to get involved? Contribute today!

We made the system open source so that anyone who wanted to could add to it and tweak it to make it even better. We are looking for both developers and translators to contribute to the platform, so anyone who would like an opportunity to help with the platform here’s how you can!

We’re using some cutting edge open source technology for the system:

If you are a developer that would like to lend a hand with implementing new features or making small pull requests please click the button below.


As CoderDojo is a worldwide community, we are working hard to get Zen completely translated so that every member can use it with ease. We are looking for translators to help us localise Zen, so if this is something you would be interested please click the button below. We already have the platform fully translated into Italian! Adding more languages to this as soon as possible would be really great.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to lend a hand!

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