Contribute to the open source CoderDojo community platform!

About Zen, the open source community platform

The CoderDojo Foundation relaunched Zen as a new open source community platform!  This new system allows CoderDojo community members (Mentors and Champions) to fully manage their Dojo activities like  issuing tickets to individual Dojo events, posting in forums, editing and setting up profiles etc. The system is completely open source.

Below are some of the really cool existing community features:

– A forum for community members
– A forum especially for youths over 13 years of age
– An improved Dojo listing where you can book tickets to a Dojo event
– Profiles for individual community members where you can showcase your skills and the Dojo you belong to

We’re using some cutting edge open source technology for the system:

– NodeJS
– AngularJS
– PostGreSQL
– Mozilla Open Badges
– Jenkins

Contributing is easy! All of the code will be stored in Github repositories. We’ll be running separate services and have the components split into separate repositories to make it easier for you to contribute to your area of expertise – whether it be tweaking the theme for the forum with HTML/CSS, adding functionality to our database queries using SQL, fine-tuning one of the Node microservices or making improvements to an AngularJS template. You can fork the base repository to run it locally and then submit pull requests to the relevant section to add your own new features to Zen!

Here is some information to show you how to contribute to this open source community platform!

If you have any questions about Zen or becoming a contributor please feel free to contact the Foundation team directly:

[email protected]

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