Showcase your CoderDojo project at the Web Summit 2015!

CoderDojo web summit 2015 booth

CoderDojo at the Web Summit 2015!

Irish CoderDojo youth members will once again have the opportunity to showcase their projects at this year’s Dublin Web Summit 2015 in the RDS from 3rd – 5th November. At the Dublin Web Summit main event there will be a CoderDojo Booth and we are inviting CoderDojo Ninjas to showcase their projects that they’ve made at CoderDojo for one of the days (either the 3rd, 4th or 5th) at the booth! There will be an opportunity for the Ninjas to also see talks from the awesome speaker lineup during the day and experience the event firsthand.

Showcasing your CoderDojo project!

We would like CoderDojo Ninjas to apply to bring projects which they have made at their Dojo. All categories are welcome so any cool and interactive project made by you at your Dojo is eligible! We are looking for those interested to attend on one of the days, either the 3rd, 4th or 5th of November 2015, to display your project at the CoderDojo booth in the main area of the Web Summit event in the RDS, Dublin! The deadline for application is the 20th of October at 12 midnight (GMT).

Apply Here

We look forward to reading all of your cool project applications! If you have any questions please contact us on [email protected]

Please note: this opportunity is for CoderDojo Ninjas (7-17) from Ireland to showcase their projects at the event and NOT adult Mentors. If your project is selected we will contact you and invite you to attend on one of the days (either the 3rd, 4th or 5th of November 2015). Only Ninjas that are showcasing a project and their Mentors / guardians can attend the Web Summit main event on the day. As we have a limited number of passes for the event, the ideal ratios for groups from Dojos applying is 2 Ninjas : 1 Mentor eg: 4 ninjas : 2 Mentors etc. These adults will be responsible for the youths attending & need the necessary parental approval. All attendees will have to cover their own cost of travel to the event. For more info see our event selection policy and methods.

This application is separate to the Web Summit for Schools event which will be taking place on the evening 7:30pm – 9pm on the 3rd November. We will be opening registration for this separate event soon.

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