USB Belt Competition!

To celebrate the launch of our recognition and rewards system we are giving away 10 Starter Packs of Belts to Dojos around the globe! USB Belts and Digital Badges are part of the CoderDojo reward system, their aim is to encouraging young people to continue to be creative and enhance their coding and soft skills further.

In order to celebrate the launch of both the USB Belt Guidelines and badges on the new Zen, Software Placements have kindly sponsored 10 Starter Packs to give away to Dojos. A starter pack will consist of 20 Belts of a variety of colours. All verified Dojos worldwide are eligible to enter this competition and the Closing Date is 18th of October 2015 at 12 Midnight (GMT+1).

Apply to win USB Belts for your Dojo!

USB Belts are awarded when you meet criteria set by your Dojo and you can achieve white, yellow, blue, orange, green, silver and black belts! We’ve put together guidelines that Dojos can use to award the various coloured Belts.

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Did you know that now you can award digital badges through Zen for achievements including attendance, mentoring and programming skills. Learn more about Badges here.

Check out the cool badges you can award!


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