Suggest a CoderDojo Tagline!

We want to hear the CoderDojo Community’s suggestions / opinions on a three word tagline about CoderDojo which will be included on our logo going forward. The purpose of the tagline is to explain to people what CoderDojo is at a glance, particularly for anyone who may never have heard of it.

The tagline needs to be short and snappy, no longer than three words and must embody what CoderDojo is. Imagine you are seeing the CoderDojo logo for the first time and have no idea what it is about, what three words would help you to understand what CoderDojo is?

Submit your tagline suggestions here!

Below are some suggestions that we have received over Twitter. If you have any suggestions you can submit them via the button above, tweet them to us @CoderDojo or put them in the comment section below.


Tag line 1


Tagline 2

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