Community! Please Vote for CoderDojos sessions for SXSWEdu 2016!

The SXSWEdu Panel Picker is open for voting and we need your vote by september 4th 2015 if you want to see CoderDojo sessions delivered at next year’s event. The Panel Picker is a two step voting process that gives people the opportunity to choose what sessions are held at SXSW 2016 in Austin, Texas.

SXSWEdu is a conference and festival based around learning and education. It features a huge range of stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds in education. CoderDojo was at the event last year and it was a great experience and opportunity for people to learn about the open source, volunteer movement that is CoderDojo! You can see pictures from it here and you can read a bit about what we did here.

CoderDojo RR

There are 3 different talk titles to choose from.

1. Changing lives through technology and CoderDojo

A keynote delivered by Mary Moloney discussing self-led Learning, the global impact of CoderDojo on encouraging and empowering youth, technology changing lives, problem solving and project based learning.

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2. Youth engagement & self led learning at CoderDojo

This panel will feature CoderDojo Foundation CEO Mary Moloney talking with CoderDojo Round Rock Champion, Garima (17) and other CoderDojo Youth members about their experiences with self led, peer to peer learning at CoderDojo and more.

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3. Kids learn to code at a pop-up CoderDojo workshop

We propose running a live CoderDojo pop-up session at SXSWEdu. The session will be led by young people for young people! It will be a workshop for kids to learn their first lines of code. The session will be lead by CoderDojo Round Rock Champion, Garima (17) and supported by local CoderDojo Mentors! Garima was at the event last year and found it was a great way for her to connect with educators and potential Mentors for her Dojo. This year she will hopefully be back again to lead this live CoderDojo session showing that Code is a force to change the world!

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