What CoderDojo Will Do If We Receive the #UpgradeYourWorld Grant

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Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have voted so far in the Windows #UpgradeYourWorld competition! The support has been absolutely amazing and shows us how much of an impact CoderDojo has made. We really appreciate everyone taking the time to vote for us every day for something that could make a huge difference for us.

This short blog is to tell you what we will do if we receive the grant from Windows. We’ve summarised the main projects we will focus on if CoderDojo wins the #UpgradeYourWorld competition.

  • We will reserve 10% of the grant to be used to create a community pool for global Dojos who need small grants to support or sustain their Dojos e.g hardware for kids, insurance, travel bursaries to key events etc.
  • We will extend and build Zen, the new CoderDojo Community Platform. Some of the cool additional features could be:
    • Adding a native check in app for champions, so they can easily manage Dojo events on their mobile devices.
    • Providing a reporting dashboard for individual Dojos so Dojo administrators can view statistics about their club.
    • Incorporating  Digital badges for CoderDojo youth to earn and display on their profiles.
  • Creating and curating more CoderDojo “Sushi” content for all Dojos to use. We have already created Beginner and Intermediate JavaScript Sushi cards as well as Beginner HTML Sushi cards. There are lots of Sushi cards still needed to assist Mentors in teaching at their Dojo, from Web Development to Python and much more.
  • We will continue the curation and addition of new content to Kata, the CoderDojo community wiki.

We hope that all of you will continue to vote for us every day until August 23rd so that we can achieve all of the things we have talked about above, sooner rather than later because we will of course continue to deliver projects like this with or without the funding from this competition. We will search high and low to source funding and help from wherever we can!


Voting for CoderDojo couldn’t be easier! You can vote ONCE PER DAY via Twitter, Facebook and through Windows’ website. You must make sure to tag @CoderDojo in all your posts and include the hashtags #UpgradeYourWorld and #Vote to make your vote count.


Just tweet the line below. RT’s unfortunately don’t count so be sure to send out your own personal tweet.

“I vote for @CoderDojo to #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote”

Vote now on Twitter


To vote on Facebook visit this post and vote for CoderDojo by replying in the comments section below our post with:

“@CoderDojo #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote”

Vote now on FB

On the Windows Website

Visit www.windows.com/upgradeyourworld and follow the instructions to enter CoderDojo as the not for profit that you support.

A full list of official rules can be found here. Any questions comment below.

We thank you for your vote!

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