Get free upgraded accounts with Installfish to share your mobile apps with friends!


The awesome folks over at Installfish are providing CoderDojo youth and Dojos with their mobile app sharing service by offering FREE access to premium accounts!

About Installfish                    

Installfish is an app distribution platform that will allow you to share your mobile apps easily without having the stress of the play or apple store. All you need to do is share 1 link and your app is accessible to anyone who wants it. Perfect for testing those early versions.

Benefits For Ninjas And Their Dojos

Using InstallFish means you can get your app out there faster. There is no limit on how many people can download the app, so you can invite all your friends to test it for you. This means you can develop quicker and get the feedback that is important in the early stages of making your idea a reality. We have lots of cool features to make your life as a mobile developer easier and we are always adding more. You will love how easy it is to use.

How Can I Get It!?

Simply create a free account over at then fill out the google form below and we can upgrade your account from there.

Please note that this offer is open to CoderDojo community members only.

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