CoderDojo Turns 4 Today!

Bill and JAmes

It has now been 4 years since CoderDojo was started by James Whelton and Bill Liao at the National Software Centre in Co. Cork, Ireland. Since that first Dojo, the movement has grown becoming a truly global movement with over 740 Dojos in 59 countries around the world.

In the last 4 years, CoderDojo has reached over 40,000 young people, with around 30,000 currently participating on a regular basis. Each of these young people have had the opportunity to learn how to code and to explore with technology at their Dojo. 600 of these young people participated at Coolest Projects this year, showcasing the 500 projects that they’d developed through the year. The standard was incredible but so too was the atmosphere of support, collaboration and fun. It was evident that through their experiences at their Dojos, these young people have developed a lot more than coding and technology skills.

As we move into year 5, we want to reach even more young people. How amazing is it to imagine how many more young lives can be positively changed through CoderDojo and what an impact these young people are having and will have on the world around them through use of the technology skills and leadership abilities that they’ll develop at their Dojos. We’re already seeing kids of all ages building new technology of their own and even taking the lead in starting Dojos and mentoring at Dojos. For others, they come for the fun and to learn about and to appreciate the power and magic behind technology! At CoderDojo, there’s something for all young people of all backgrounds, interests and abilities.

“In 4 years, this cool little idea Bill and I had for a place, which impacts different people in different ways, all brought together by the ability to create on computers, has reached many different corners of the earth. Even now, my mind cannot comprehend the good will, effort and determination that has carried CoderDojo to where it is. In these 4 years, CoderDojo has been developed, coloured and characterised by all of us, the community, the lifeblood and the source of impact. Thank you to all those who have lead, supported and participated, we have helped so many develop software and more importantly, develop themselves.” James Whelton, CoderDojo Co-Founder.

“Time can fly by when kids are having fun and in the scant 4 years since it began it is has been a constant delight to see so many kids across the world enjoying the power and creativity of the code they create at CoderDojos’. The scalability of the CoderDojo model means its expansion has been and continues to be rapid and this reminds us all that there is so much more to do to see all kids afforded the opportunity to become digital creators.”  Bill Liao,CoderDojo Co-Founder.

Whether you’ve been in the community since day 1, 4 years ago or have recently joined the movement, thank you! CoderDojo is possible because of the amazing champions, mentors, volunteers, parents, partners, sponsors and, of course, most importantly the Ninjas, who take part all over the world.  We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and participation.

Happy 4th Birthday CoderDojo!

Mary Moloney, CoderDojo Foundation, CEO

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, you can see some of them below!

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