CoderDojo USA Press – July 2015


CoderDojo Summer Program: Students Click Their Way To Success

16th July – CoderDojo Albemarle

A dojo is a Japanese term for a sort of training space, and this year’s participants are taking that seriously.

Their coding dojo is filled with all sorts of 3-D gadgets and interactive programs.

“One of the biggest things about our society is like our generation is that we know how to use technology but very few of us know how to make technology,” said Kylie Heapes.

Which is why Heapes, a rising eighth grader, is spending her summer in the CoderDojo Program at Albemarle High School.

She spent her week creating a 3-D pencil holder which sounded simple enough.

“A lot of people think it’s really complicated, but once you get the basics of it it’s really easy and extremely flexible you can do basically anything with it,” she said.

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