Would You Like a Free Server for Your Dojo?!



As you all know, Coolest Projects will be taking part this Saturday in the RDS, Dublin. The very kind people over at Yahoo! have donated a batch of servers to give away to Dojos who are attending the awards.

These servers  are 1u high rack mounted servers with 16GB of RAM and you will have to provide standard SATA hard drives as they unfortunately do not come with their own hard drives, sorry!

Anyone who would be interested in taking one of these servers must be driving to the event and parking in the RDS on Saturday so that they can transport the server back to their Dojo. If you would like to take one please email [email protected] before 6pm on Thursday 11th with the name, email address, Dojo name and phone number of the person who can collect the server on the day as they will be shipped to the RDS on Friday.

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