Erasmus+ Supporting CoderDojo Movement

CoderDojo Erasmus+ Delivery Partners at the Kick Off meeting in Cork Institute of Technology.

Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland has secured Erasmus+ funding to support the CoderDojo movement.

Erasmus+ is a European Union initiative to address skills gaps for Europe’s youth. This exciting project will support CoderDojo by developing best practices and a new toolkit for Dojos. The project will also examine recognition of competencies gained by CoderDojo participants.

A significant part of this initiative is about listening to parents, mentors, organisers and most importantly the CoderDojo coders. The project team will engage with CoderDojos globally. The team had their inaugural meeting in Cork and held a workshop with local CoderDojos.

The project team are from across Europe and each of the team host their own CoderDojo:

  • Cork Institute of Technology/CoderDojo CIT (Cork, Ireland) Lead Partner
  • The CoderDojo Foundation/Docklands Dojo (Dublin, Ireland)
  • The Nerve Centre/Moville CoderDojo (Derry, Northern Ireland)
  • Wimi5/CoderDojo Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)
  • Instytut Badan Edukacyjnych/CoderDojo Poland (Warsaw, Poland)

It is fitting that Cork Institute of Technology are the lead partner in this project as one of the co founders of the CoderDojo movement is Cork born James Whelton and Bill Liao who also co-founded CoderDojo is a Cork resident.

If you would like to talk to one of the team drop by the CoderDojo Foundation stand at Coolest Projects on June 13th in the RDS or email [email protected]

Follow project updates  #CoderDojoEPlus

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