Welcome the new CoderDojo Foundation and Movement partners: The Salesforce Foundation!


We are delighted to announce that the Salesforce Foundation have partnered with the Coderdojo Foundation and movement.

The CoderDojo Foundation & Movement are delighted to announce a new global partnership with the Salesforce Foundation to support the global volunteer movement that is CoderDojo! The announcement was made at the Salesforce World Tour, London, by CoderDojo CEO, Mary Moloney and Salesforce Foundation President, Suzanne DiBianca!

Check out the video introduced by Peter Coffee during the Keynote at the Salesforce World Tour, London.

“We are really excited to be partnering with CoderDojo,” said Charlotte Finn, Foundation Director, EMEA. “Organizations like CoderDojo spark our interest because of the impact they have on the future development and lives of young people around the world. Add to this a tremendous energy and passion, like what is powering the global CoderDojo movement, and you’ve got something really special.”

The CoderDojo grant will support 14 Dojos, each run by Salesforce “champions,” and will establish 70 Salesforce Dojo certified employees as mentors. The Salesforce-supported Dojos will reach 420 youths with a 50/50 ratio of boys and girls in each session.

CoderDojo has benefitted from Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model since its inception: Salesforce has hosted Dojos at its offices in Dublin and employees of Salesforce have generously provided hours of volunteer time with local Dojos around the world.

CEO of CoderDojo, Mary Moloney explains: “Every day we’re contacted by parents and kids who want to get involved in CoderDojo, they are desperate for their kids to have the opportunity to develop much needed technical skills. With Salesforce Foundation’s support, we aim to reach as many kids as possible. It’s our vision that every child in the world should have the opportunity to learn how to code and discover the magic behind the technology, which they interact with in their everyday lives. Being a charity and relying on the generosity of volunteers around the world, support from Salesforce Foundation will make a real difference. Our joint efforts will make it easier for volunteers to do the great work that they do and will enrich the experience enjoyed by kids at Dojos all over the world.”

Below you can see Mary Moloney being interviewed by Salesforce Vice Chairman and President, Keith Block at the Salesforce World Tour in London.

Read the official Salesforce Foundation announcement here

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