Community Quotes: Whats your favourite thing about Mentoring?

Docklands Dojo

We asked a few community members from Dojos around the world what they loved about Mentoring at their CoderDojo, here’s what they said:

Agnese Addone (CoderDojo Rome, Italy)

“My favourite thing about being a CoderDojo Mentor is to see the satisfaction in kids’ eyes at the end of a Dojo. This makes me think I’m always doing the right thing!”

Yohei Yasukawa (CoderDojo Mito, Japan)

“Well, my favourite thing to be a Mentor is that you can see how participants learn programming by your teaching. If you teach better, they will learn faster. And you will see that you also learn by teaching kids to code.”

Ursula Clarke Everett (Docklands Dojo, Dublin)

“Seeing children coming up with novel creative concepts for their projects. Coming up with these ideas brings out their unique imaginative qualities. It gives them the courage to be the colourful individual the world wants them to be.”

Craig Steele (CoderDojo Scotland)

“My favourite thing is being able to directly help young people gain confidence in digital skills. These skills will be important no matter what career they go into in the future, so by Mentoring you’ll be making a direct impact on their future employability.”

Vicky Hogan (CoderDojo Wexford)

“My favourite thing about being a CoderDojo Mentor is watching the children enjoy what we teach them. Seeing them interact with each other and learn from each other.”

Kamil Sijko (CoderDojo Poland)

​”When you are teaching young people how to use computers in a creative ways they aren’t applying this knowledge for “serious” projects, but rather they are doing something sometimes even useless but cool. ​For me it’s really important not to loose contact with that sphere of human activity – which is a very easy thing to do at work. It’s also very pleasant to be an important part of children’s development – sometimes it’s very visible, for example once I’ve been a protagonist in a computer game designed by one of our Ninjas on his own, and I was – as a pixel-art avatar – trying to save the world. How cool is that?”

Niambh Scullion (CoderDojo Girls, Dublin)

“I’ve been a Mentor now for over 3 years, and what I loved back then is what I still love. First and foremost I love sitting with the  kids and help them work through a problem. A lot of  our members in DCU are participating in Coolest Projects, we run brain storming sessions with the girls to help them with ideas. I love how their ideas take shape. Over the years I’ve been so inspired by the projects that are presented in Coolest Projects. Each project is a testament the the ninjas talent and creativity. I love how each of our members that participate in coolest projects grow in confidence. Challenging themselves for the next year.”

Noel King (CoderDojo DCU / The Coolest Projects Awards, Dublin)

“Seeing members answer complex questions not realising they are complex, also the creative day is my favourite day every year where the members present their coolest project ideas to the wider group!”

David Welch (CoderDojo Iowa)

“The pay! (Just kidding.)  I love being a part of an organization that is truly and deeply altruistic – CoderDojo is genuine in it’s efforts to reach and motivate youth of all backgrounds and circumstances.  I sometimes feel that, in the US, STEM-based initiatives have become the latest gold rush/trend/bubble.  Though the need for STEM is undeniable, I sometimes wonder if many of the organizations, companies, etc. would be invested if there wasn’t as much funding or publicity.  I know that CoderDojo would be around, so I can dedicate my time and talents to it without reservation. So the time I spend at/for the dojo is time that I know, in some small way, I’m helping make a difference in the lives of ninjas and their families.”

Sandra Maguire (CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire)

“Being able to welcome the kids who would otherwise be on their own instead of in a place where they can learn as a valued member of the CoderDojo community. Having kids ask me can they show off their project to everyone in the room and seeing them stand up and present to a room of 80 people. Watching the pride in other Mentors’ eyes as they see a kid they’ve worked with present their projects.”

Eugene Mc Donough (CoderDojo Limerick)

“My favourite thing about Mentoring at CoderDojo is that I can give the next generation the access to technology that I wish I had when I was young.”

Steve O’Connor (CoderDojo Wexford)

  • Empowerment of the kids: Having taught html seasons one and two, I have really enjoyed seeing the kids go on to use what they learnt on their own projects. They have been empowered with the confidence to build a website with html – it’s great to see their confidence growing.
  • Voluntary atmosphere: I worked as a paid teacher before as a secondary maths teacher and as a private tutor. The atmosphere in coderdojo is so much better than that because there is a feeling that everyone is choosing to be there out of good spirits. There’s no pressure or expectations from students / parents / fellow Mentors – i think that’s a good basis for creative cooperation.
  • Learning opportunity: Beyond having a few basic lessons in html 20 years ago, I am pretty much self-taught in any html / css / php knowledge. Being part of this course has been a compelling reason to learn a bit more about the basics and get a good solid foundation in the subjects. As the saying goes, if you really want to learn something, try teaching it.

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