Apply for a Travel Bursary for Coolest Projects 2015

Do you want to attend Coolest Projects 2015? Do you require a bursary to cover your travel?

If so you can apply for our Coolest Projects International Attendees Bursary.


We’re now accepting applications for those wanting to receive a bursary for travelling to Coolest Projects. We are aiming to have at least 40 projects from outside of Ireland.

The average bursaries (€) for each country is as follows;

Ireland – €40 per person

UK – €60 per person

Italy – €250 per person

Belgium – €180 per person

Romania – €250 per person

Poland – €240 per person

Spain – €250 per person

Germany – €250 per person

France – €220 per person

Hungary – €250 per person

You can apply for a bursary even if you do not reside in these locations and bursaries will be examined on a case by case basis depending on location. Please note that these are average bursaries per country and bursaries may fluctuate depending on the city you are travelling from.

As we want as many projects entered and Ninjas to attend as possible, preference will be given to parents/guardians/mentors who can travel with more than one Ninja (eg a parent bring two children, or a parent who can bring a child & their friend who are both demoing projects at the awards or a mentor/champion bringing several Ninjas entering projects).

Bursaries are intended for youth and their guardians who wish to enter the awards, but otherwise would not be able to afford the travel costs.

Only parents/guardians/mentors/Champions should complete the bursary form and please do not apply twice for the same ninjas.

Apply for the International Attendee Bursary Here

Closing date for applications for the bursary is 1st May and remember you can still enter and attend Coolest Projects even if you do not receive a bursary.

Register your project for Coolest Projects Here


Note: All guardians travelling with children will be responsible for their well being and safety for the duration of the trip. Any adult travelling with a child that is not their own should gain written consent from their parent(s). The CoderDojo Foundation does not accept liability for any children or their guardians travelling to the Coolest Projects awards.

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