Community Diary: CoderDojo Portumna Receive a Huge Surprise! by Lisa O’Brien

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Portumna CoderDojo are a very new group who only started operating mid December 2014 on a Saturday afternoon. We have 60 members enrolled and have 1 group that are currently working through the Scratch projects.  We are finding our feet at present, seeing what the ninjas want from the group and what we can provide for them.  Last week the Dojo received a huge surprise!  We were delighted to welcome Nettyplays to our Dojo.

portumna Dojo

NettyPlays is one of Youtube’s most watched YouTubers, known for playing Minecraft. Netty really enjoyed meeting the group and answering questions from parents and children. Being able to invite Nettyplays to our group was a big boost for our ninjas!

Nettyplays was invited by OBrien Event Management as she was in town for their event ‘MineVention’.  MineVention is a Minecraft Convention held in Ireland where young people are given the opportunity to meet and greet their favourite YouTube personalities.  There are costume competitions and of course a lot of games to play.

“During the lesson,we were doing a Block Game on Scratch.  A lot of people participating, CoderDojo loves Minecraft.  It is a block-filled sandbox created by Markus “Notch” Persson in 2009.  With over 18 million sales of the PC/Mac editions, means that many people record themselves playing the blocky game.  NettyPlays is one of those YouTubers that are really successful, thanks to her brother Joseph “Stampy” Garrett.  She was loved by many of the children and made CoderDojo Portumna a bit “unique”.” From Roy, CoderDojo Ninja.

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It is fantastic to have the support of someone as successful as Nettyplays and we are delighted that she is a fan of CoderDojo.  A huge congratulations to everyone in the Portumna CoderDojo on a great visit!

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