Build apps using front end code with Syncano!

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The awesome folks at Syncano are providing free access to their software for all Dojos. Syncano is a scalable backend that allows developers (of all ages) to build apps with only front-end code! With Syncano, your Dojo can model your data and sync it!

Introduction to Syncano

Benefits for Coding Ninjas:

  • Make a fun multi-player game with only a few lines of code!
  • Go from code to data storage in minutes, so you can save the “internet of things” type projects that you’re working on
  • Create any kind of real-time app. document editing/sharing, etc.

Get Syncano for your Dojo!

The Syncano Client Library

Syncano is already enriched with client libraries for various programming and scripting languages. You can find below the list of languages, and choose your preferred one:

Steps to get started:

Please note: This offer is only open to CoderDojo members and attendees.

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