CoderDojo Community Platform, call for expressions of interest!

The CoderDojo Foundation are delighted to announce that with the support of the Raspberry Pi Foundation we will soon be starting development on the CoderDojo Community Platform.

We are putting a call out to development agencies around the world who may be interested in taking on this project. We will be releasing the requirements specification for the platform to interested parties for tender offers on the 7th of January, 2015.

We hope for The CoderDojo Community Platform to be a one stop shop for all Dojo organisational needs.

This platform will provisionally offer:

  • Reproduction of Zen map
  • Improved Dojo listing system
  • Champion profiles
  • Mentor profiles
  • Youth profiles
  • Parent accounts
  • Ticket issuing, booking and waiting list functionality
  • Dojo Admin Permissions for non-Champion users to assist with Dojo organisation
  • Adult forum
  • Youth forum
  • Mozilla Open Badge Integration
  • High level reporting

COPPA and other global Child Protection & Children’s online safety guidelines are to be taken into account throughout this project.

It is a requirement for the agency, or their developers, who are selected to work on this project to have a proven track record contributing to open source projects.

The company selected should also be open to conversing with the CoderDojo community through an advisory working group about the needs of the community and open to taking their suggestions and advice on board.

We are also looking for CoderDojo Community members who would be interested in being a volunteer advisor for this project and being added to the Community Platform working group.

If you are a development agency interested in taking on this project, or a CoderDojo Community member who is interested in being a volunteer advisor for the project then please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with more information.

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Luka ash says

Hello, my name is luka. I currently go to coderdojo in cork city. I, and two friends named Rob and David a group of friends who are currently making a website. The website we are making was almost exactly what you are asking or. (somewhat different though.) We would be able to change our plans for this.

We have been currently been working on this website for over 3 months and all very skilled in coding, design and all we need. We have professionally taken out tasks and roles for each other to take place in. Me being lead designer, Rob and David are both the main coders, they have different jobs in it though.

We would like it if you would allow us to take on this role because it would be quite sad to know that what we have been working on for months would be put to waste. Rob and David are both play important roles them selves in Coderdojo.

What i am asking is if you would allow us, to take on this request you have asked. We may not have the biggest army of coders, but we sure are Skilled, and motivated. If you do allow us to take on this project, we will take on any other requests you may need.