Inspiring the next generation of coders with Young Rewired State!


The CoderDojo Foundation has partnered with Young Rewired State and Free:Formers in the aim to inspire young people to be more than digital consumers by becoming digital creators and in doing so, open up a world of employment opportunities!

About Young Rewired State

YRS is an independent global network of kids aged 18 and under who have taught themselves to program computers. These children are introduced to like minded peers at coding events around the world!

YRS Hyperlocal  #YRSHyperlocal

Hyperlocal provides tools, resources and confidence for digital makers to realise the amazing potential locked inside their digital skills. By developing these skills further, learning new ones around design, UX and enterprise, and exploring the exciting opportunities available for young entrepreneurs, Hyperlocal will provide real chances for young people to make a difference and maybe even change their future. YRS Hyperlocal which will be releasing new themed learning content each month that Ninjas can use to learn cool new coding skills to start on their journey to create the next big thing.

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Festival of code!  #YRSFoC

Since 2009 this one event has become a rapidly growing network of developers and designers aged 18 and under. The primary focus is to continue to find and foster every young person driven to teach themselves how to code, how to program the world around them. Our efforts are celebrated annually at the Festival of Code, held over a week in multiple centres culminating in a huge showcase weekend.

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