CoderDojo competition time, win a Sphero 2.0!

We are delighted to announce that we have 5 Spheros to give away to young people in Dojos all around the world! Simply click the link below and tell us what you would do with your Sphero if you won.

You must be under 18 and a member of a CoderDojo in your area to be eligible to win. Applications close on December the 8th.

Sphero 2.0 – The app controlled ball that does it all!

Competition Closed!


Robert -Dumbravita
Reuben – Coleraine
Niccolò – Firenze, Italia
Owen – Seattle
Mark -Loughrea

Rules and regulations

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Samantha Dick says

Would love to win!

RE: The awesome folks at @SpheroEDU are giving away 5 @gosphero to CoderDojo Ninjas! Apply here:

Valerie says

Very cool, but please clarify. The CoderDojo page says applicants must be under 18 years of age, but the official rules by Sphero says the applicant must be at least 18 years of age at time of entry. Which is it?

Kirsty Burgess says

Hi Can you please clarify whether you need the parent email address or one for the child? Also what email would you need for the Dojo? Personal?


Kirsty Burgess

Carl Rexeke says

Spheros is very cool!

zita says

Not clear where to apply for it, can you pls specify, again. Thanks.Do we need a twitter account to apply?

zita says

scrap my previous comment, there is a link at top given by samantha that takes one to an image , just applied using big blue button under original image. Thanks.

Santiago Sueiras says

Hello my name is Santiago, I design apps for android and I´m really interested in the Sphero. As I said I design apps but I've always been interested in robotics, I would use this robot combining it with the programming I've learned in Coder Dojo to create magnificent applications such as you already are preset. I have already an idea in mind on a project using this type of robot: Play with circuits that you need to complete to pass to the next level, so you control the robot in the reality but you see the circuit in your mobile!!!

Thanks for you atencion!

Anna De Pinto says