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When Corey announced the very first Global Day of Coderetreat, he had something bigger in mind than getting a bunch of geeks together all over the world for a day of programming. Corey’s dream was to help the software development community grow by supporting worldwide efforts to educate children (and others) about programming.

During the first GDCR, Corey announced the creation of the Coderetreat Community Contribution Fund (c3f). Any GDCR sponsorship funds not used for the Global Day of Coderetreat were contributed to c3f. Later, the funds were distributed to organizations dedicated to public, volunteer-driven programming education (including Black Girls Code).

As successful as c3f was, it never caught on in the way that Corey had originally envisioned. In order to simplify the process and to better utilize limited volunteer time, we have decided to find another way to realize Corey’s original vision. This year the Global Day of Coderetreat takes place on the 15th of November!

That is why, for the 2014 Global Day of Coderetreat, we are directly partnering with CoderDojo: a worldwide, volunteer-driven movement of programming clubs for young people.

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