Free Access to IBM Bluemix cloud platform for Dojos to build, manage, and run apps!


What is IBM Bluemix!

Bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform to build, manage, and run apps of all types, including Web, Mobile, Big data, Smart devices – and many more. With Bluemix you can rapidly prototype and build cognitive apps in the cloud! Bluemix platform has the instant resources (e.g. sample code) and infrastructure (e.g. services and runtimes) you need to develop and deploy your own apps!

Getting you started with Bluemix: IBMer mentoring.

There is a large number of IBMers world-wide who are passionate about IT education for young people and who support CoderDojo in every way they can. These IBMers are looking into ways of making Bluemix available for CoderDojos without need for credit card. IBMers will provide support to individual CoderDojos using Bluemix to extend their trial accounts, so CoderDojo youth can continue working on their awesome ideas, at no charge, providing they stay within allocated limit of resources (enough to get your idea up and running).

First please sign up for your free 30 day trial here and then apply for your free account below.

What’s the benefit for CoderDojo Ninjas?

CoderDojo Foundation will help to connect and authenticate CoderDojo Champions who want to unleash power of IBM Bluemix to their Ninjas, or rather, the other way around 🙂 Each Dojo will have the opportunity to connect with IBMer Mentors who will introduce them to Bluemix and help extend trial accounts for CoderDojo Ninjas. IBMers have developed a short course to teach Ninjas to build their own websites within Bluemix using node-js, a great way to progress from Scratch! To sign up for IBM Bluemix support/mentoring, please fill in your Dojo details below:

Apply for your free Bluemix account here!

There is no need to register to get started with Bluemix – you still can use 30-days trial accounts for free, go ahead and explore this state-of-the-art platform. Introduce your Ninjas to it and see what cool ideas they can get up and running in Bluemix.

Note: Bluemix would be more fun for Ninjas with prior coding experience.



IBMers have created couple of Node.js,, Java and Python tutorials to get your Dojo started with Bluemix.

Bluemix Tutorials

THINK series

The IBM Academy of Technology’s THINK series aims to spark this and other questions in the minds of students – and make a lifelong connection with the love of science, technology and the unimaginable possibilities they offer.

Watch THINK series


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