Young coder goes far after Coolest Projects


Kathleen and her anti bullying app.

Standing on stage at this summer’s CoderDojo Coolest Project Awards in DCU with 250 other young competitors, Kathleen Marie Maughan (12) did not expect her name to be called out.

But it was. She won a Coolest Project award for making an anti-bullying app with the premise “six things to do if you’re bullied”.

“I made an anti-bullying quiz because I always used to get bullied for being a Traveller,” she said, adding that the app took about three weeks to make and was “easy”.

Backstage at the awards in June, Maughan charmed CoderDojo co-founder Bill Liao. A couple months later, Liao went to her coding club and delivered 30 Raspberry Pis, credit-card sized circuit boards that allow kids to code on any monitor or tablet!

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