We need your Dojo to register your CodeWeek.EU Event today!

As you may already know CodeWeek.EU is coming up on the 11th – 17th of Oct! What you may not know is that at a recent conference in Brussels, Ireland was singled out by Neelie Kroes as the exemplar country for all other EU countries regarding digital skills. Currently on the CodeWeek.EU Map we are 5th place on the list of registered events! Last year Ireland was in first place and CoderDojo as the biggest EU wide movement! So lets set the example again this year and get Ireland to number one on the list for registered events for CodeWeek.EU!

Please note that you can register any Dojo session as part of the celebration, even if it’s not taking place between the 11th and 17th of Oct so feel free to add all your upcoming sessions!!

Add your Dojo to the map!

Here’s an Idea:

In the true spirit of CodeWeek.EU we would ask all Dojos to try and do one outreach event that week to help spread the word about coding. Perhaps your Dojo Mentors / Champions could visit a local school, youth club or active retirement group to encourage everyone to try coding!

Need help (Irish Dojos ONLY)?

We have noticed that the registration process can be a bit awkward so to make it easier for everyone the folks over at Excited have offered to take on the admin task of registering each event of Irish Dojos holding a CodeWeek.EU event! All you have to do is mail your event details by clicking the link below:

Mail [email protected]

All they need to fill out the form on your behalf is:

  • Date(s)
  • Name of the organiser(s)
  • Location and one line about your event(s)

Once you provide the info Excited will take care of everything else!

Have a great CodeWeek.EU!

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