#EPDojo @ Electric Picnic

CoderDojo recently held the first CoderDojo Pop up Dojo at a music festival giving kids and their parents the opportunity to get a taste of it’s like to attend a Dojo. There was a total of 16, 45 minute long sessions held over 3 days. During this time over 170 young people learned how to make their own video game in Scratch for the first time! We also used Makey Makey kits as controllers for the games that attendees built at the Dojo showing attendees the mechanical side of building cool projects.


In addition to technology skills, all participants, both young people and the adults that accompanied them, enjoyed the opportunity of being involved in a fun, collaborative, high energy learning environment. The Pop up Dojo was located in ‘Mindfield’ (an area full of tents dedicated to arts, crafts and keynote talks) right beside the entrance to family camping which was a good fit and a great location for foot fall resulting in sign-ups for the sessions. The majority of the sessions were fully booked out with young people eager to make their first game!!

Ben Mentors

We found this as a great way to reach and inform parents and potential mentors about the CoderDojo movement and to showcase what CoderDojo is all about. If you have any questions about how your CoderDojo running a pop up Dojo at an event you can contact the Coderdojo Foundation directly:


The Event hashtag was #EPDojo.

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