Attend the Web Summit with your Dojo this year!? (UK and Irish Dojos)

Attend the web summit

Important Update

Event registration for the Web Summit for Schools event has been extended to 4pm Monday the 3rd –  don’t miss this opportunity to attend the special event, so register quickly below! We would ask for a 5 students to 1 or 2 adult ratio when booking (if possible). The time of the event has also been changed to 7:30pm – 9pm on the 4th of November. Registration for all other events are closed!

UK and Irish Dojos attend the Web Summit for Schools Event.

This year CoderDojo is going to the Web Summit (4th – 6th Nov) and we want CoderDojo Ninjas, Mentors and Champions from Dojos in the UK and Ireland to join us at “the best technology conference on the planet” for a “Web Summit for schools event”! There are two separate events this year:

1. Attend the Web Summit for Schools event with your Dojo

On Tuesday (4th of Nov) at the Web Summit is looking to get 3000 young people to the “Web Summit for Schools” event to talk about their experience with tech! This special event just for students will take place from 7:30pm – 9pm on the 4th of November at the RDS, Dublin.  1000 of these places would be for CoderDojo attendees! Which is a lot but not enough to cover all Dojos, registration is still open,  so hurry and register quickly! Registration closes at 4pm on Monday the 3rd!

Now Closed!

The Web Summit for Schools event is separate to the Main Web Summit event and the passes for the Web Summit for Schools event will not give you entry to the Main Web Summit event.

2. Showcase your project at the main Web Summit event (CoderDojo Ninjas and their Mentor / guardians only!)

We are looking for CoderDojo Ninjas to showcase the awesome projects that they’ve made at the CoderDojo booth at the Main Dublin Web Summit event (separate from the Web Summit for Schools event). The deadline for applications has been pushed back and is still open, so Register your project today!

Now Closed!


Closed – Speak at the event (CoderDojo Ninjas only!)

The summit are also looking for three Ninjas from the CoderDojo community to talk about their experience with code at CoderDojo on the 4th of November at “Web Summit for Schools”! We will be closing applications for this at the end of this week (12th of September). NOW CLOSED.

Now Closed!

Please note: 

We are only accepting registrations from CoderDojo Champions or Mentors and only one registration per Dojo so please discuss it among yourselves and make sure you know who is submitting the registration for your Dojo.

2 adult tickets will be assigned per every 7 youth tickets, these adults will be responsible for the youths attending & need the necessary parental approval. Places will be initially allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. Amount of tickets allocated will be dependent on the size of the Dojo. All attendees will have to cover their own cost of travel to the event.

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