CoderDojo to celebrate teaching and learning the web with Mozilla Maker Party

Celebrate teaching with mozilla maker party

CoderDojo are delighted to be partnering with the Mozilla webmaker Team to celebrate teaching and learning the web with Mozilla’s Maker Party. Join Dojos like CoderDojo NYC and CoderDojo Girls in Charlottesville and have a Maker Party at your next Dojo by the closing date September 15th!

What is a maker Party?

Maker Party is Mozilla’s global campaign to teach the web. Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organisations and enthusiastic Internet users of all ages and skill levels. All Dojos are eligible to register their next event as a Maker Party as they are teaching and learning the web!

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Check out Mozilla’s list of tools to teach, tutorials, event planning information and even how to order free swag kits here: Mozilla Maker Party resources


A message from the Mozilla Webmaker Team:

We’re building and gathering tools/resources/training/community to support you and your Dojo at

“CoderDojo shares Mozilla’s belief that the web is a global public resource that’s integral to modern life: it shapes how we learn, how we connect and how we communicate. But many of us don’t understand its basic mechanics or what it means to be a citizen of the web. That’s why we’re supporting this global effort to teach web literacy through hands-on learning and making with Maker Party from July 15th – September 15th. Thank you for all you’ve done already to ensure young people worldwide, move beyond simply consuming the web to understanding and creating it, so it remains open, accessible and ours. Can’t wait to see what gets built during Maker Party at CoderDojos across the globe!”

The Mozilla Webmaker Team

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Mentors Claim your Web Literacy Skill Sharer Badge!

CoderDojo to celebrate teaching and learning the web with Mozilla Maker Party

We’re astounded and inspired by the global effort to teach during Maker Party and we want to recognize all the hard work that goes into teaching others through hands-on making and exploration. That’s why we’ve designed a new badge for the thousands of people who have shared a web literacy skill during Maker Party. Claim your Web Literacy Skill Sharer badge now! In claiming your Skill Sharer badge, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to creating a more web literate world.


Share your MakerParty events with this easy, quick and helpful event reporter
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