Become a trailblazer and participate in the Recommended Practice Pilot!

RP Open Consultation period is now closed! Over the course of the month a total of 30 champions, mentors and parents submitted their feedback. These people came from Dojos spread across 10 countries (geographical breakdown available below). A huge thank you  to all those who took the time to send in their feedback. We are now in the process of reviewing it and arranging call with those that wish to discuss it in more depth.

Once this process is over we will make necessary changes to the principles and pilot with a number of startup or existing Dojos. Participating in the RP pilot will give you and your Dojo the opportunity to test the process and make it as streamline and efficient for future Dojos. As we mentioned we are striving to make meeting RP as straight forward as possible for all Dojos.

To participate in the RP pilot please enter your details here.

We have also done up a brief presentation which gives an overview of the feedback that was submitted during the Open Consultation. We hope you find this insightful into the Communities thoughts on this new step.

Open Consultation Feedback Results

Geographical breakdown of Feedback Submitted

Country No. Submission
Canada 1
Denmark 1
Ireland 10
Italy 4
Malaysia 1
Nigeria 1
South Africa 1
Turkey 1
United Kingdom 3
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