Publishing our 2013 Accounts

Last year when we were incorporated we made a commitment to be open and transparent about our activities. In this regard we have gotten our accounts to the 2013 year end audited by Deloitte. We took the core pieces of information from the audited accounts and have created two clear graphs that detail are income and expenditure.

From the income chart you can see that The O’Sullivan Foundation was our principal donor in 2013. We are eternally grateful to Sean O’Sullivan for his continuous support of CoderDojo and the Foundation.

In 2013 our expenditure was €229,161.This was spent on the below categories. Typically for an organisation of our type staff costs (including employees, contractors and tax) made up the Foundations largest expense. The reserve was carried over into our 2014 budget.

Not included in our expenditure is the thousands of euros worth of pro bono support received from our partners throughout 2013.

  • A&L Goodbody: Since August 2013 A&L Goodbody have been providing pro bono legal services to the Foundation
  • Acquia: For hosting the CoderDojo site
  • Amazon: For pro bono logistical support for the Raspberry Pi partnership
  • Blacknight: For providing pro bono hosting
  • Bank of Ireland: From January – September Bank of Ireland provided us with free office space and have continued to make this space available to the team
  • Digicom: Donated a top of the range printer to the team
  • Dogpatch Labs: From September onwards Dogpatch Labs provided us with free offices space
  • Engine Yard: Pro Bono Hosting Services
  • Hootsuite: For providing us with a free account
  • Provided us with free storage, logistical support and stationary
  • Podio: For providing the team with a collaborative workspace
  • Salesforce: Provided us with a free Salesforce accounts and help getting it set up
  • ZenDesk: Provided our ticketing system for 5 agents for Free

If you would like to review the audited accounts in full you can find them here:

Hello World Foundation 2013 Accounts

We would like to extend a special thanks to Paddy Murphy and Deloitte for undertaking the audit of our accounts pro bono.

If you have any questions you can get in touch via: [email protected]

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