Registration for iDEA closing May 30th! Last chance to raise £15, 000 for your digital business idea.


Registration for iDEA closing May 30th! Last chance to raise £15, 000 for your digital business idea. 

Are you between 16 – 25 years old and resident in the UK? Do you have an idea for a killer digital product? 

If you would like to be a part of a fantastic opportunity to learn how to develop a digital business platform and have the chance to raise £15, 000 for your project as well as receive mentorship from top professionals and a business placement then please register with CoderDojo before the 30th of May using the form below. (For information on iDEA Discovery Stage deliverables please see below form)


There are three main stages in the iDEA, Discovery, Beta and Live. 

To complete the Discovery phase, and possibly progress through to the second stage, Beta, participants will have to complete the iDEA Discovery Canvas and deliver a video presentation of their iDEA through a digital submission by Friday the 30th of May. 

 Through completing the above items Discovery iDEA participants will have to show that they have:

​ ​1. Completed first draft of iDEA Canvas​ template*​:

  • Identified the problem they want to solve 
  • Described a digital product or service that will meet that need
  • Explained who the service or product is aimed at and why they would use it
  • Explained where they would like to go next with their idea

​*A presentation are available here on completing your iDEA Canvas. Canvases work best when printed on A3 paper. PDF version of canvas can be found here and a JPG version of canvas can be found here.

2. Used AND manipulated one or more digital tools to help inform their idea.  (Tools can be software or hardware and range in difficulty from setting up a Facebook page to coding using a Raspberry Pi)

3. Gained support for their idea either through:

  • Face to face at event 
  • Online via social interactions

 Judging process for Discovery

Participants must,

  •  Show passion and enthusiasm for their idea
  •  Demonstrate creativity & innovation
  •  Refer to their iDEA Canvas to demonstrate their business idea
  •  Have demonstrated there is support for their idea

Presentations are to be submitted via Youtube and link shared along with attached completed iDEA Canvas to [email protected] before the 30th of May 2014. Please upload with the title ‘iDEA Discovery Stage Submission – Delivery Partner/Team Name’ eg. ‘iDEA Discovery Stage Submission – CoderDojo/Nunchuck Ninjas’

Best of luck! 

The Foundation Team




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