Join the CoderDojo remote mentoring session held by IBM on June 14th 2014

A message from Zoryana Tischenko, Software Engineer at IBM

Dear CoderDojo Champions,

In under three years CoderDojo has been on an amazing journey and we have observed young coders emerging in the world of IT, thanks to your efforts. This is already having an incredible impact on local communities and our society.

One key fact we’ve learnt from CoderDojo, is that there is a global shortage of Mentors available and we have a solution! We want to facilitate remote Mentoring to Dojos that can’t source enough Mentors in their area! 

How do we bring the inspiring CoderDojo experience to locations where there is a shortage of Mentors?

IBM Ireland volunteers along with the Hello World Foundation are looking into technologies to facilitate remote Mentoring to Dojos that can’t source enough Mentors.

We need your help!

On June 14th IBMers from around the world will be joining a pilot remote session using one of the tools that we consider to be a close match to the needs of CoderDojo remote mentoring. This is going to be the second pilot, we ran the first pilot with two Irish Dojos, and we need to test our proven method to see if it can manage at an international scale!

We are looking for Dojos the get involved in this session. This will be challenging since many Dojos in the Northern Hemisphere are closing for the summer vacation. Not only will you have the opportunity to try this remote Mentoring solution first hand, you will also be helping CoderDojo to progress to the next stage in providing IT education to young people worldwide.

If your Dojo would like to be a part of this initiative to bring CoderDojo to remote locations, then let us know before 4th June 2014 by filling out the form below.

Registration Closed

Thank you for your time,

Zoryana Tischenko

Software Engineer at IBM Ireland



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