CoderDojo iPhone App challenge

Dojo Champion Shara Karasic has developed a CoderDojo App that is available Free from the Apple App store. With the App you can search for your local Dojo in App via Zen, keep an eye on all things CoderDojo with the live CoderDojo Twitter and news feed and access online coding resources. Here’s a full list of the Apps features so far:

  • About CoderDojo
  • Coding Resources
  • News Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Locate a Dojo

CoderDojo iPhone App challenge 


Want to help improve the CoderDojo app? 

 Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Coding Quiz 

We’d love to add a coding quiz updateable from a website. This would ideally pull from a database that can be updated on a website – this way we can easily add new questions and answers generated by the CoderDojo community. 

  • Flicker images

We’d love someone to make the flickr photos “lazy load” so as you scroll down, you see more and more images tagged #coderdojo instead of the limited view you see now.

  • Update the Locate a Dojo section
    • Read the user’s location (and confirm location)
    • Show them the nearest dojos based on that location
    • Allow users to search for a different location
    • Integrate map
  • Twitter Section

We have Scott working on updating the Twitter section 🙂

Do you think you can help make any of these improvements?? If so you can access the App via Git Hub. If you think of anything else please add to Git Hub.




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