Lightbot – The CoderDojo edition


We are delighted to announce the free to play CoderDojo Web Edition of the popular coding educational game Lightbot. In a collaborative effort between CoderDojo and Lightbot to get more young people coding, we’ve developed the Lightbot – The CoderDojo version for young people as a precursor to their first string of code.

About Lightbot: 
Lightbot is a puzzle game made to get kids programming; a game whose game mechanics mask computer science concepts. Using simple commands, procedures, and loops, players instruct a robot how to traverse through each level.  

“Our goal with Lightbot is to provide the most engaging first point of entry for kids to start learning about Computer Science. If we’re going to get kids, the coders of tomorrow, learning about tech, programming and CS, we want to make sure that their first exposure to these concepts is as enjoyable as possible. What could be more engaging for kids than teaching them through video games?”

Danny Yaroslavski, CEO Lightbot Inc.

Some Dojos have already been using the original version of the Lightbot game to teach younger attendees and now they will have a CoderDojo version that they can use. This version will take an hour to play through and offers an easy introduction for young people to learn the FUNdamental programming concepts like loops, if-then statements, and more without typing! A special thanks to Danny and Dylan for making this collaboration possible. The web version is free for everyone to play, Enjoy!




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