If you’re a professional developer and you want to assist young people in learning the art of coding how about adding a snipte to your websites source code.

What is a snipte?

A snipte is a string of code written by you, the developer, that has been hidden within the websites source code! These strings of code or “sniptes” can only be found by viewing the source code of certain websites. If the snipte is cut and pasted into a text editor, saved as a .html and run the user can see what cool game lies in store. If you view the source on you will find an intersting example of a snipte!

How to snipte step by step

View the page source and find the snipte you want by looking for and copying everything between:

< *** Start Snipte>


< ***** End Snipte>

Only by finding and running this code will you get a clue to where the next snipte can be found! For more info view the source for this page:

snipte Rules

The rules of snipte developement can be found on and can only be seen by viewing the source code.

How do I find a page with snipte code?

There is now a snipte Chrome plugin that automatically detects websites that have sniptes!

Add snipte to my browser


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