Free upgrade to Premium accounts with Codeanywhere

The awesome folks over at Codeanywhere are providing CoderDojo youth and Dojos with their coding anywhere service by offering FREE access to premium accounts!

About Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere gives coders the ability to code anywhere! There is no need for installation, just an internet connection and you can begin or continue coding any project you’re working on. All popular web formats are supported including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML.

Benefits for ninjas and their Dojos

This is a great opportunity for Dojo students that want to continue learning outside of CoderDojo. They can access the Dojo content or any project they might be working on at any time. Dojo students can log on on via their smartphones and servers (FTP, SFTP and Dropbox), files and everything else they’ve been using will be waiting for them so they can continue from where they left off. Codeanywhere can also be a really handy tool from a mentor’s point of view when continuing on a project from their last Dojo, providing a consistent syllabus and learning curve.

If this is something that you know students in your Dojo would be interested in availing of please ask them to set up an account and then request premium account access for Codeanywhere below:

I would like to upgrade my existing Codeanywhere account

**Please Note: The e-mail used to login to your Codeanywhere account is needed to receive the upgrade to the premium package for that account.

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